The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind ~Bill Johnson | Book Review

512yehy1ktl-_sx331_bo1204203200_The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind: Access to a Life of Miracles, by Bill Johnson

Published: January 1, 2005

Description: You can live a supernatural life. In fact, moving in the spiritual realm should be as routine as prayer, worship and reading Scripture. It is part of what Jesus purchased for us on the Cross!

Healing, deliverance and signs-and-wonders are an inheritance for all followers of Jesus Christ. The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind teaches you how to remove the blinders of religious limitation to see your own life changed, the lost redeemed and communities transformed.

You too can move from an intellectual faith and tap into an abundance of miracle-working authority, unleashing the power of God’s glory.

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Bill Johnson is a Charismatic Christian revivalist, itinerant speaker, author, and a Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California.  The above statements were taken from his book.  Johnson fully believes in those statements and refers to that kind of life as the, “normal christian life”. The sad fact is, most of us aren’t living any life that can even be mistaken as that kind of life.  Many of us have settled  for and into a life that is below that standard.  Before you get all bent out of shape, take stock of your own experience with God and the Christian life you are experiencing. Now take a look at of the lives you read of in the Gospels and in the book of Acts.  It is seemly easy to dismiss their experiences and somehow rationalize that those were different times.  Unfortunately for us, that rational isn’t supported by scripture.

If our lives don’t match up to what we see in scripture, the only explanation is that there is more and we are missing out.  Johnson’s simple answer to this missing out, is that we need to renew our minds and our thinking.  We need the mind of Christ to experience the “normal Christian life”.

In The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind, Johnson teaches how we can experience the renewing of our minds and begin to walk in the power we see in scripture.

For a solid strategy on daily renewal, it wouldn’t hurt to read, The Slight Edge.  Though the Slight Edge principle can be adopted for any area of our lives, it is very appropriate for this topic as well.

It is also worth noting though not completely sure if Johnson created a link between the two, but Watchman Nee’s, The Normal Christian Life is an amazing book that takes a deep dive into what our lives should look like, as a result of a transformed mind.


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