Fast After 50 ~Joe Friel | Book Review

a1joyxtpq5lFast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life, by Joe Friel

Originally published: January 10, 2015

Description: For runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, and cross-country skiers, getting older doesn’t have to mean getting slower. Drawing from the most current research on aging and sports performance, Joe Friel–America’s leading endurance sports coach–shows how athletes can race strong and stay healthy well past age 50.

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Though I’m not 50 yet, I was curious about what athletes and the weekend warrior-types can do to slow the aging process. We’ve all heard about or are experiencing the effects of aging, from slower recovery to difficulty in losing weight to loss of muscle mass, etc.  As Mr. Friel was closing in on the age of 70, he became more concerned with how our bodies age and whether we can prolong the effects.

In Fast After 50, Friel covers chapters like, The Aging Myth, The Ageless Athlete, The High-Performance Senior Athlete, Training, Rest and Recovery and more.

The key take-aways I remember are that as we age and continue to train and exercise, intensity level is of utmost importance.  Most of us think and are told that as we age, we need to slow down and reduce our intensity levels due to slower recovery periods and risk of injury.  Though our recovery and risk of injury are factors, Friel argues that, with proper training, our high intensity levels is what will mitigate injury risk and keep at bay the harmful effects of aging.  He has a good deal to say about proper recovery and diet too.

The good news is that for those of us who mountain bike, run, CrossFit or even for the endurance athletes, you can still do it.  Don’t let age slow you down.  Train smart. Push yourself. Plan your meals and recovery.

Read more about Joe Friel and being Fast After 50.


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