Ghost In The Machine

Music Review Series: Looking Back On The 80’s Music | 1981 Then and Now


Ghost In The Machine ~The Police | Then and Now

The Ghost In The Machine came with significant changes when compared to The Police’s previous 3 albums.  The obvious change was in the name.  Their producer, Nigel Gray was missing from the controls.  Which led to the notable change in sound.  Keyboards (piano and synth) made an appearance, along with horns.  These additions took a bit away from the grit and edge The Police were known for.  As an unsurprising result, Andy Summers recollected,

“I have to say I was getting disappointed with the musical direction around the time of Ghost in the Machine. With the horns and synth coming in, the fantastic raw-trio feel—all the really creative and dynamic stuff—was being lost.  We were ending up backing a singer doing his pop songs.”

In retrospect, it is still The Police.  They still produced great music and all bands change, either from influences from without or from within.  Unfortunately, one of their greatest talents was truly a “Demolition Man”.  The good news was they produced one more amazing album before their total implosion, but by then they had accomplished what they intended as a band. Actually, they accomplished much more than most bands and with half the albums.

How is Ghost In The Machine now?  It plays well and stands well.


Watch “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”
Watch “Invisible Sun”

img_0070Ghost In The Machine ~The Police
Released: October 2, 1981
Genres: Pop rock, Reggae rock
Line Up: Sting – bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, synthesizers | Andy Summers – guitar, backing vocals, guitar-synths, bass guitar, piano | Stewart Copeland – drums, backing vocals
Produced By: The Police, Thom Padgham
Purchase On: iTunes / Amazon


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