A Pain in the Foot

I’ve suffered from foot cramps most of my life.  Lately, I’ve been thinking it was one of the pleasures of getting older.  But the more I think about it, I’ve always had foot cramps.  However, leg cramps are a newer late night phenomenon.  In doing some research, these cramps can be brought on by strenuous exercise, poor circulation, aging, lack of magnesium or potassium.   Mine seem to be triggered by balance movements with both mountain biking (tiny Egg Beater pedals) and squatting heavy weight.  Or when relaxing on the couch or the more startling lightning bolt during a dead sleep.

In any scenario, the pain is surprising and quite annoying.  My solution up to now, hasn’t been less painful and probably isn’t even a solution.  What do we all do?  We try to stretch it out, which typically means walking it out.  Even stretching it out can sometimes trigger a cramp in another muscle.  When this startling phenomenon happens in the dead of night, both the cramp and solution make for a poor nights sleeps.  When a cramp hits, there is no sleeping it off.  You are awake, up and moving around…until the cramp gets worked out, which takes a minimum of five minutes.

That was me…until now.

I usually like to test something out a few times before I declare it, “FIXED”.  But last night was a game changer.  I discovered this stuff, after doing some research on leg cramp prevention.  At first glance, their marketing seems a little hokey.  Taking a closer look and seeing that they are sold across the US, peaked my interest.  I read about their product on Friday night, after experiencing cramps that woke me up on Wednesday and Thursday night.  Of course I had a cramp Friday.  By Saturday, I was motivated.  Saturday got away from me and I paid for it that night.  I made Sunday the day.


Stops Leg & Foot Cramps

A Proven Old Amish Formula – Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t.

The result?  No cramp last night.  This morning’s workout was somewhat strenuous, but no cramps.  My plan is to take the product every night this week.

I took the product as directed, with a couple of ounces of fruit juice.  Specifically, I took a cap-full with tart cherry juice, before heading off to bed.  The taste was a little potent, with a touch of spicy heat, but nothing to deter me.  An odd thing happened after getting into bed and reaching over to grab a book.  Usually, an odd kind of stretch can result in a cramp.  I felt a cramp try to come on in my foot, but it didn’t take.  A muscle fired and tried to tighten up, but released after a couple of seconds.  Hoping for another cramp free night.

For more info on this stuff, try Stops Leg & Foot Cramps.



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