rez_press-photowebD.M.Z. ~Resurrection Band | Then and Now

I have fond memories of listening to D.M.Z.  In my opinion, this was Resurrection Band’s best.  Colours and Mommy Doesn’t Love Daddy Anymore easily stand on their own, but both efforts led up the musical moment of D.M.Z.

The album opens with the blistering, “Military Man”, one of the band’s most popular songs, even to this day.  If you were a fan of Van Halen, then you will love this record. Though they experimented with a little more keyboard and synthesizers on D.M.Z., it in no way takes away from how much this album rocks.  At the time, it fit right in.

Lyrically, Resurrection Band stay true to bringing the Gospel down to the individual level, as they have always done.  The obvious theme to D.M.Z. was war and the threat of war, with “Military Man, “White Noise”, “The Prisoner” and “Babylon”.

Take a listen and step back into 1982 and hear some of the best rock n’ roll.

rez-dmzD.M.Z. ~Resurrection Band
Released: 1982
Genres: Hard Rock
Line Up: Glenn Kaiser – vocals, guitars, keyboards | Wendi Kaiser – vocals | Stu Heiss – guitars, keyboards | Jim Denton – fretless bass, synthesizer | John Herrin – drums
Produced By: Resurrection Band
Purchase On: iTunes / Amazon


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