Into The Woods


Into The Woods ~The Call | Then and Now

The Call have always been more of a band’s band, rather than a band that fills the air waves with ear candy.  In fact, I’m not really sure they ever filled many air waves. However they did fill the ears of many followers, with a cult like dedication, including the likes of U2, the Simple Minds and Peter Gabriel.

Into The Woods doesn’t have the same flair as their previous success, Reconciled, but proves to be just as compelling, both musically and lyrically and spiritually.  The difference is that, Into The Woods is more introspective.  In short, Into The Woods is haunting.  Its not that every song is dark in its tone, i’s just that the symbolism of the woods dominates the album.  A walk in the woods is a walk into both dark and light. This is musical integrity over musical marketability., a rare thing in the 80’s and even more rare these days.

Into The Woods

I can see night in the day time
Into the woods I quietly go
It takes all the strength I have in me
These are the woods
The night of the soul
Painful to see
Love without action
Painful to see years of neglect
Achin’ to see all that they see
Still telling lies to the remains of respect
Creatures we are worth defending
It takes the right word said from the heart
Given to you without ending
Given to you, the purpose of art
Thousands of plans, I’ve made many
I wonder just how many plans I have made
Feelin’ this mood overtake me
Finally to see the truth as it fades
Out of these woods will you take me
Out of these woods, out of the strom
Sinless child can you save me
Guilty man, freedom is yours

Published by Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC Song Discussions protected by U.S. Patent 9401941. Other patents pending.

Give Into The Woods a spin and let Michael Been’s lyrics penetrate your soul.  Sometimes taking a look inside isn’t a bad thing, especially in this self absorbed world.


Into The Woods ~TheCall

Released: 1987
Genres: Rock
Line Up: Michael Been – guitars and lead vocals | Steve Huddleston – keyboards | Greg Freeman – bass guitars  | Scott Musick – drums
Purchase On: iTunes / Amazon

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