What Would You Die For?

IMG_0114Who would you die for? What ideas would you die for? The answer to those questions, for most of human history, would have come very readily to any person’s mouth. Any Comanche would tell you instantly who they would die for and what they would die for. In modern society, it gets more and more complicated, and when you lose the ready answer to those ancient human questions, you lose a part of yourself. You lose a part of your identity. I would ask people, ‘Who would you die for? What would you die for? And what do you owe your community?’ In our case, our community is our country. What do you owe your country, other than your taxes? Is there anything else you owe all of us? There’s no right answer or wrong answer, but it’s something that I think everyone should ask themselves.” ~Sebastian Junger (American Journalist) on his interview with Tim Ferris, Tools of Titans, page 423.

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