Copper Blue


Copper Blue ~Sugar | Then and Now

This week marks the 25th year of Copper Blue, by Sugar. A really good friend turned me on to Sugar. This friend was one of those friends that life surprises you with. C.S. Lewis describers it as one of those moments of, “Oh, you too?”. When it came to music, it was amazingly so. This may not seem a big deal to most, but considering my musical tastes, and if you follow this blog you’ll know those tastes aren’t exactly mainstream, it was like finding a musical brother. For many years, there was plenty of going back and forth with, “have you heard these guys, yet?” and “I really think you’re going to like this band.” Needless to say, my music collection and musical exposure flourished.

Sugar was one those bands that I knew very little about, but when I heard their Copper Blue for the first time, I was hooked. Honestly, how could I not be? As a guitarist and lover of grunge, the first chord strum on the first track, “The Act We Act” grabs you by the ears and says, “listen up”. And from tack one to track ten, listen is exactly what you do. In between, your ears will be delighted with the sounds of “A Good Idea”, “Changes”, “Helpless”, and “If I Can’t Change Your Mind”. The tones and qualities of these songs will define Sugar’s future sound and the future sound of Bob Mould’s solo efforts, the band’s frontman and driving force.

For fans of Grunge and Alternative (when alternative really meant, alternative), Copper Blue is a must. You will also want to explore other Sugar efforts, as well as the solo projects of Bob Mould.

“And time will prove what I know is true
Hüsker Dü is the most influential rock n’ roll group
Influential rock n’ roll group”

~The Choir – “Fine Fun Time”, O How the Mighty Have Fallen

And why didn’t anyone ever tell me about, Hüsker Dü? I must have been living under a rock, musically speaking. Because of Copper Blue and other Bob Mould gems, I need to go back and discovere what I’ve missed.  Now knowing Sugar Bob Mould and familarizing myself (only a little) with Hüsker Dü, the above quote is a bold statement. But an arguable one, considering 80’s and 90’s post-punk, grunge and alternative music. A huge number of bands were influenced by the style, the tones and the energy.

Do yourself the favor and discover Bob Mould and Sugar.

sugar_-_copper_blueCopper Blue ~Sugar
Released: September 4, 1992
Genres: Alternative Rock
Produced By: Bob Mould, Lou Giordano
Purchase On: iTunes / Amazon



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