Quote To Ponder ~Curt Tomasevicz

One of my favorite Olympic moments occurred just before the final run. As my team was preparing for the last of four runs at the 2010 Olympics, I remember taking a brief moment to really ‘trust my talent’. We had a significant lead after the first day (two runs) and an even bigger lead after the first run on the second day. (The winner is determined by the fastest sum of the four runs). So going into the last run, just as we finished our warmup and walked to the start line, there could have been the thought of ‘Don’t blow the huge lead,’ which would have created unnecessary pressure and tension. Or we could have played the last run cautiously and conservatively and have been too lackadaisical. Instead we simply looked at each other confidently and approached the final run as we had the previous thousand runs of our careers. We knew that we simply had to do what we did that got us to that point: trust our ability and not be overly excited or cautious. We did nothing different than we did in the first three runs of the race and just let the cream rise to the top.” ~Curt Tomasevicz

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