Looking Back On The 80’s | Music

Lately, I've found myself listening to and even buying albums from the 1980's.  When you mention music and the 1980's in the same sentence, people either remember, fondly, some of the great bands and great music that came out of the 80's, or they remember the many one hit wonders, the cheesy glam bands or worse. … Continue reading Looking Back On The 80’s | Music

1980 Music | Then and Now

Music Review Series: Looking Back On The 80's Music | 1980 Then and Now It was nineteen eighty.  Pat Benatar was telling us to hit her with our best shot, DEVO wanted us to "Whip It" and The Cure was lost in "A Forrest", while Squeeze were "Pulling Mussels".  I was in Jr. High and didn't own … Continue reading 1980 Music | Then and Now