1000 Rep Challenge: Push-ups: Week 6 WODs

Week 6 WODs 129 Push-ups a day Monday: It being Memorial Day, Murph was on the docket.  Needless to say, 129 push-ups was taken care of. Tuesday: Recovery Day Wednesday: Hammer 129 out throughout the day. Thursday: Rest Friday: 6 Rounds 21 push-ups 10 lunges 5 squats Squeeze out the remainder 3 at the end. Back … Continue reading 1000 Rep Challenge: Push-ups: Week 6 WODs



Updated: 10/8/2017The website/app, Goodreads, setup a reading challenge at the beginning of each year, since 2016.  If you are unfamiliar with Goodreads, it is a social website centered around books and reading.  The idea is that you can upload your personal library of book titles and arrange lists by the books you've read, the books you … Continue reading Goodreads