Copper Blue

Copper Blue ~Sugar | Then and Now This week marks the 25th year of Copper Blue, by Sugar. A really good friend turned me on to Sugar. This friend was one of those friends that life surprises you with. C.S. Lewis describers it as one of those moments of, "Oh, you too?". When it came to … Continue reading Copper Blue


Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists

Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists ~Carol Kuruvilla, The Huffington Post | Repost U2 musician Bono has spent years reading and learning from the poetry of the Psalms, a book of the Bible that contains ancient hymns. If there’s one thing Bono has realized from his studies, it’s that art always requires honesty. During … Continue reading Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists

Jack White’s Infinite Imagination

Jack White’s Infinite Imagination By Alec Wilkinson, The New Yorker Anything that captures Jack White’s imagination can occupy him. He reads scripts in the hope of directing a movie—he said he was disappointed at losing the opportunity to direct one about a Detroit drug dealer and F.B.I. informant called White Boy Rick. He contributes designs … Continue reading Jack White’s Infinite Imagination