War ~U2 | Then and NowWar is U2's 3rd studio album and today marks its 35th anniversary. "The real battle just begun To claim the victory Jesus won On— Sunday Bloody Sunday" I was introduced to U2 via MTV. It was the video for, "New Years Day" and it was mind blowing. The film was black … Continue reading War


Starfish ~The Church | Then and Now “Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty Sound of their breath fades with the light I think about the loveless fascination Under the Milky Way tonight” This year marks the 30th anniversary of The Church's fifth album, Starfish. Most of us became familiar with The Church via … Continue reading Starfish

Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists

Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists ~Carol Kuruvilla, The Huffington Post | Repost U2 musician Bono has spent years reading and learning from the poetry of the Psalms, a book of the Bible that contains ancient hymns. If there’s one thing Bono has realized from his studies, it’s that art always requires honesty. During … Continue reading Bono Has A Message For Young Christian Artists