Oldtime Strongman’s 15-Minute Morning Routine

Editor's Note: This is a great morning routine and good for those rest days. | An AOM Repost Odd Exercises for Physical Vigor: An Oldtime Strongman’s 15-Minute Morning RoutineAdrian Peter Schmidt was born in the Alsace-Lorraine region of what is now France in 1872. His genetics and circumstances did not point to a future career … Continue reading Oldtime Strongman’s 15-Minute Morning Routine

The 10 Physical Skills

Editor's Note: AOM | Repost You probably started crawling when you were about nine months old, and walking at a year. You likely got running around a year later, and learned how to jump not long after that. In the months and years that followed, you got the hang of many other physical movements that … Continue reading The 10 Physical Skills

Three Drill Series to Improve Form Year-Round for Speed

By Chris Korfist, Simplifaster | Repost During my years of coaching, I’ve had athletes who became very good at the drills I gave them, but they didn’t improve their form or speed. At times, my athletes have gotten so good at the drills, they were no longer challenged, and they stagnated. I wasn’t challenging their … Continue reading Three Drill Series to Improve Form Year-Round for Speed